Why can’t you two just get along? When metals with significantly different nobility touch, it’s not uncommon to eventually find corrosion. For this to happen, there also has to be an element that can carry an electrical current. It’s not uncommon to see this win piping. Steel pipes at some point may transition to copper or have a valve. Pressure treated lumber using alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ) can corrode with the wrong nails or fasteners are used. Water heaters may contain a steel base with a copper element. When these become wet, they can experience electrical disintegration.

How can we help them get along? Well, the simplest way is to keep it mono, use only one type of metal. Using metals with similar nobility will reduce the development of corrosion. Alternatively, insulate or separate metals perhaps by using plastic fittings. Another option would be to paint or epoxy the metals as this would protect them from elements that can carry electrical current like rain or saltwater.

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