Selling your home for the price you want will surely be of great importance to you.  Ways to improve your chances of selling successfully involve doing needed repair jobs and clean up work to give the home some real curb appeal.  Another important step for a successful sale is the home inspection.  You will, no doubt, want this to go well so, what are some ways to ensure this?

Here are a few tips:

  • A home inspector will not be able to do perform a thorough inspection for a number of reasons.  For example, if certain areas that need to be accessed are locked up or too cluttered to gain access, this will interfere with the inspection.  Keep areas such as basements, attics, gates etc. clear and unlocked and make sure there is easy access to places like electrical systems and heating units.


  • While you may feel that your pets wouldn’t hurt anyone, this is not always the case when a stranger walks in.  Pets should be kept away from any areas that a home inspector will need to check, if not, this will also hinder the inspection.


  • Other factors that might change the home inspection report are bulbs that no longer work and carbon monoxide and smoke detectors that are in need of batteries.  Check to see if any of these things need replacing before the inspection.


  • If you are fixing up the home a little to sell, try and have these jobs done before the inspection.  If you have trees and foliage close to the house, make sure they are trimmed back ahead of time also.


We want you to have the most thorough and efficient home inspection possible.  If you would like any more information on ways to get the most from your home inspection, please feel free to contact us.

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