Those who live in a home with more than one story are used to going up and down stairs multiple times through the day. While this is something we don’t even think about doing, stairs are responsible for many accidents in the home with the elderly, handicapped or young children being most at risk. Even guests who are not aware of certain irregularities to do with your stairs, are also at risk. So, what are some problems with stairs that can occur?

Lighting can play a big part in the safety of a staircase. If the way is not lit up properly, this can lead to tripping or falling, especially for the elderly whose eyesight might not be as good as it once was. If stair carpeting becomes loose, this can prove very hazardous. Fix this with carpet tacks or double-sided tape as soon as you notice the problem.

Alternatively, if the stairs are wooden and over waxed, this also presents a slipping hazard. Stairs of unequal height are another problem and can cause someone to easily fall down or even trip up them. This can happen if the stairs are too steep as well. Loose handrails and bannisters are also a danger. Exterior steps can also become dangerous if they are not sloped just enough so that water can run off them. This is especially true in cold seasons where ice can form.

Yes, stairs are an essential part of a home, but its vital that they stay safe to use for your household and your guests.

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