How healthy are the trees around your home? It is very important for you to know. Why? A falling tree could do serious damage to your home, it could attract wood boring bugs that could spread to your home, and it could drop heavy branches on you or your family.

While many of us enjoy the shade a tree provides, the danger should not be ignored.

What are some signs that your trees are unhealthy? It is not always possible to tell from looking at it. A tree that has green leaves and appears to be growing could still be in a bad state. You should regularly check on the trees around your home, knocking on the trunk and listening for a hollow sound which would indicate that it is wasting away on the inside. You should also push against it with a hard object to see if it is soft and gives way easily.

If this is the case, you should consult with a tree removal service to see about how to safely cut it down.

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