It’s a sad fact but so there seems to be more and more people nowadays dealing with bad allergies, for some, these can result in all kinds of respiratory ailments.  While we know there are many reasons and causes for such allergies, could there be things in our homes that contribute to these?  Could the air we breathe in the home not be as good a quality as we think? Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes for poor home air quality.

Pet dander and dust are some big causes of allergies in the home also, chemical cleaning products can be quite hazardous.  Then there are factors such as mold and (if you live in an older home) lead and asbestos.  If certain appliances have not been well maintained such as gas stoves and furnaces etc. these could create an air quality issue.   Chemicals used to treat fabrics such as formaldehyde can be found in sofas, curtains and soft furnishings which can contribute to poor home air quality.  So, then, can we do anything to improve the situation?

Yes, in fact there are some very simple ways of doing so.  One very easy way is to regularly vacuum and dust, particularly where pets like to sleep.  When cleaning, use non-aerosol, non-toxic chemical cleaners.  As much as you can, open windows and keep rooms well ventilated, air out any soft furnishings which might contain chemicals.

Other ways to improve home air quality is to replace filters such as those in air conditioning units and make sure carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order.  You may want to employ a professional to come and inspect appliances in the home like the furnace for example, to check for signs that they could be faulty.  Have a look at areas of the home that might be damp to check for signs of any mold forming.

These are all some relatively simple ways to help improve the condition of the air we breathe in our homes.  It is worth it to periodically check the home for any signs that could be causing poor air quality in your home.

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