Are you planning your family vacation for this summer? It’s always good to get away but how terrible it would be to come home from your relaxing trip only to find your valuables have been stolen by an intruder. Sadly, this can happen. So, what are some things you can do to keep your more valuable items safe?

While there are many high-tech ways of securing your belongings these days, let’s look at a few, not so high-tech ideas, that will still be an effective way of keeping your valuables safe. Intruders will not want to spend a lot of time going through a homeowner’s belongings for fear of getting caught, so they usually have easy, go to, areas to look for valuables. They will not want to spend time searching.

One good area to hide smaller valuables is a hollowed-out book. If you have a reasonable number of books on a bookshelf, a burglar will not want to spend time looking through them on the off chance you’ve stored some valuables in them.

While you may think a wall safe is a good option, it’s not so hard to cut around it and steal the entire thing. A better option would be a floor safe which is much harder to remove.

You can keep valuables under the plastic garbage bag of a kitchen or bathroom trash can. No one wants to go looking through garbage. You could also use the underneath of a houseplant pot. It may be a good idea, though, to store your precious items in a waterproof receptacle.

If you are someone with many boxes or containers stored in your garage, a good place to hide valuables would be in boxes that look like they’re never used, items labeled “old projects” or “children’s clothes” for example will not be appealing to an intruder.

While these ideas might help protect your smaller valuables, it’s not going to help with the larger items. It is not so easy to ensure everything will stay protected, but it is wise to obtain homeowners or renters insurance so that you are covered in case of such an unfortunate event.

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