How much energy do you use? Spending money on the daily maintenance and operation of a home can be quite costly, and all the little expenses can add up quickly. Energy can easily be your biggest recurring expense, but there are things you can do to curtail energy usage in your home.

What type of light bulbs do you have in your lamps? While some still prefer using the old style, incandescent light bulbs, this is one of the least efficient ways you could use your energy. Only about 5% of the energy used by a lightbulb is actually light, while the rest is wasted. Replacing those bulbs with LED or CFL bulbs will save you money.

Your heating and cooling will also cost a lot of money, so taking good care of your system will help you in your efforts to cut costs. There are a few things to check up on to make sure it runs well. Cleaning or replacing filters can increase efficiency of your system. It’s also important to make sure that the ducts are sealed well to prevent leaking.

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