Have you ever been in someone’s “new-to-you-car” and asked “what’s that smell?”  Sometimes they can’t smell it but most of the time they just pretend not to smell it.  What is it?  Cigarrate smoke!

Tabacco has an unusual ability to be deeply absorbed by just about anything.  We don’t always realize that tabacco smoke is tangible.  It’s really, really small. Less than a thousandth of a hair.  But it is real.  We don’t know if it dangerous or if it just “bothers” us.  But it is real.

What can we do about it?  Since it’s easily absorbed, give it something to be absorbed by.  This could mean leaving something like charcoal or coffee grounds out. After a few nights, toss them and try again.  Get rid of anything that has trapped the odor, like carpets or event curtains.  Anything that smoke can stick to, like plastic, clean with something that has ammonia in it (but don’t use it on wood).  Don’t forget to clean or swap the light bulbs!

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