A garage is like an unfinished painting just begging to be complete. And some people take that challenge. But much like a work of art, most people aren’t really qualified to finish it. They do things that might look good at first glance, but on closer inspection it fails… sometimes catastrophically.

Because they’re exposed, it might be tempting to change the trusses because it just looks so easy. But these should never be modified without a structural engineer. Trusses bear load at specific points. They should only bear on exterior walls. So trusses that bear their weight on an interior wall have likely been modified improperly.

Not all fasteners are created equal either. Fasteners used for trusses are designed to bear shear force. So substituting a deck screw, although convenient, isn’t going to work. These screws are designed to resist withdrawal force. Although changes can be made easily in an area of the house like a garage, the results of modifying trusses can result in catastrophic failure of a roof.

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