Being prepared in advance for an emergency situation is crucial to you and your family’s safety. Why? During a natural disaster it can be a very confusing time and communication lines may be cut off, so, knowing what to do and being prepared ahead is very important and a key to staying safe. Here are some of the things you can do to prepare:

Take some time to discuss with the household the steps they would need to take in the event of a disaster. They should know all evacuation routes, which may differ depending on the type of disaster, and the location of meeting points etc.

An emergency go kit could prove life saving during a disaster, particularly if you have had very little notice to evacuate. While it should be small enough that you can grab it and go, it should contain all you need to survive for a few days. As well as water and food supplies make sure to include any medications you might need, cash and copies of important documents.

A home usually bears the brunt of a natural disaster. Although it would be nearly impossible to prevent the damage entirely, things can be done to at least minimize it. Make sure you are aware of the shut off locations for the home’s utilities such as gas, electric and water. If these are turned off before the disaster, it will be less hazardous to return. Keep the exterior of the home well maintained. For example, trimming back trees will prevent branches and tree limbs from falling on roofs or power lines during high winds. Clearing gutters and downspouts of dirt and debris will help with diverting water away from the house. Fixing loose roof shingles will also help prevent damage etc.

It is hoped that you never have to deal with the aftereffects of a natural disaster but following these guidelines will go a long way to staying safe in one.

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