While a deck isn’t something that is necessary for a home, it is definitely a great addition to a home both for personal enjoyment and entertaining guests. Spending time on your deck watching a sunset is probably among the things in life that are the most relaxing.

If you do decide to add a deck to your home, you need to make sure that it is built properly, since a poorly constructed deck can be a hazard. The main concern is the weight that your deck might be supporting. If you plan on entertaining guests, you definitely need to have proper support. This is even more so a concern if you were to install a hot tub on your deck. A full hot tub can weigh over 5000 pounds, so this needs to be planned when the deck is built.

Another integral component to your deck is the railings. When you have people visiting, they are most likely going to end up leaning against the railing, and if you have a handful of people doing this at the same time, a railing that doesn’t have proper support could give way, leading to a fall.

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