Our 4/90 Home Inspection Guarantee

An additional reason why an inspection by Inspection Pros can fill you with confidence is our 4/90 Home Inspection Guarantee. See below for details.

How It Works

The 4 in our 4/90 guarantee stands for the number of years we guarantee against any missed roof defects and the 90 stands for the number of days we guarantee anything else included in our standards of practice. If we miss anything within the scope of a home inspection as defined in the InterNACHI standard of practice, we will cover the cost to get it fixed. This excludes items that usually won’t fall inside the scope of a home inspection, such as sprinkler systems, concealed defects, personal items, and anything that couldn’t be accessed/operated due to rooms being locked or utilities being shut off. Before performing repairs, the inspection company must be notified or the guarantee is void. There is no deductible to be paid by the owner.



The upper limit for the Roof Guarantee Against Leaks is $1,500. This guarantee cannot be combined with repairs under the 90-Day Guarantee. If the report mentioned that the roof needed further evaluation by a licensed roof contractor and there was no evaluation performed the guarantee is void.

For the 90-Day Inspection Guarantee repairs up to $1,500 are covered for the inspected property. Any notification that further evaluation by a qualified or licensed contractor is needed that is noted on the inspection report must be followed before the end of the contingency period or the guarantee for that item is void.

Deductible: NONE

The 4-Year Roof Guarantee covers leaks only. If the roof is found to be in need of major repairs or replacement as part of the inspection, the guarantee is void and repair coverage will not be provided. If there are defects reported as part of the inspection, these are not covered.

If the client makes repairs without notifying us, the guarantee is void. No reimbursement is made for repairs done without prior approval. We will first verify that the item is within the scope of a home inspection and should have been included in the report. We will then have a contractor of our choice perform the repair.



  • If there is no utility service, we cannot inspect the functionality of certain items. These are not covered by the guarantee.
  • Anything older than 20 years is not covered due to being past their service life.
  • Repairs will always be attempted unless a replacement is necessary.
  • The guarantee does not cover drain blockages. While we run water down the drains during the inspection, blockages from normal use can’t be predicted.
  • Items that have latent defects and function normally during the inspection are not covered, even if they fail after the inspection.
  • The guarantee does not cover defects that could not be accessed, operated, or discovered during the inspection. This includes roof leaks when there is no rain during the inspection.
  • Anything noted on the report as defective or near the end of life is not covered.
  • The guarantee does not cover secondary property damage, like water damage.
  • The guarantee does not cover repairs or service done without prior notice and approval.

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